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6 BIG Benefits of Backup Power Generators

When the power goes out in Maine, we all know the outage can last for days. In only a few hours, however, weather conditions can cause food to spoil, pipes to freeze and sump pumps to overflow. Very dangerous and costly circumstances can come from a power outage! A backup power generator can provide an alternative source of power for your home. Installed generators, often referred to as standby or whole-house generators, come on in seconds when your home loses power from the pole, so there is no interruption or inconvenience.

Depending on the type and size of generator you choose, a backup generator can power just components of your home such as the refrigerator or sump pump, or one can power your entire house. They will run for as long as you need them, and provide essential power needs to your home.

What are the Advantages of a Standby or Whole-House Generator?

1 – A standby generator delivers power automatically.

When there is a power outage, power is provided to your home spontaneously and within seconds. You don’t have to be home to maintain power when there’s a power outage. If you’re away at work or on vacation when a power outage occurs, your standby generator will ensure that your sump pump is running and your home security system remains armed.

2 – A standby generator is safe and simple to operate.

A professional will install your standby generator, explain how it operates to you, and then you are set to go! You don’t have to go outside, drag the generator in place, hook it up, and manually start it like you do a portable generator. Standby generators run off your natural or propane gas lines, so you don’t have to keep filling it with gas for it to run, requiring you to be home to maintain operation. You also don’t have to hook it up to your electrical or disconnect it like with a portable model, which can be dangerous for the unexperienced. While you may understand how to operate a standby generator, your spouse or kids might not feel comfortable about it at all.

3 – A standby generator can power everything you need.

A standby, backup power generator can power your whole house and as many appliances and electronics as you choose. Portable generators have a limit for the amount of power they can provide. You have to limit the appliances you power, or would need to have multiple generators to cover you power demands.

4 – A standby generator is much more convenient.

Using a portable generator is not only dangerous, but it also requires a lot of effort. They must be stored somewhere undercover while not in use and set up when you need them. Since you usually need them during the worst weather, it’s very unpleasant to have to pull them out from storage, fuel them up, and hook them up. Using a portable generator requires you to stay home to maintain operation. A standby generator lets you skip all these steps! They are ready and available when you need them (even if you aren’t home).

5 – An installed, whole-house generator can run as long as you need power.

A standby generator is powered by propane or natural gas, so there’s never a need to refuel it. A portable generator is like other gas powered equipment – it requires frequent refueling to stay running.

6 – Standby generators save money in the long run.

Once you invest in the unit and the professional installation, a backup generator will supply power for as long as you need it during any given power outage. You can use it as many times as you need it all year, every year.

When you lose power, there are many costs involved:

  • Replacing all the food lost without refrigeration and freezer.
  • Lost wages if you work from home but can’t without power.
  • Expensive repairs to frozen pipes.
  • Extensive restoration expense for water damage from frozen pipes.
  • Expensive hotel stays when your house is too cold to stay in.
  • Costly hotel stays while repairs are being done to all your plumbing.
  • Lost wages while you manage all the cleanup and repairs.

When you consider ALL  the direct and incidental costs of power outages, they add up quickly!

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