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Category: Backup Generators

How Standby Generators SAVE You Money

william 6th September 2022
A lot the benefits of generators are pretty obvious – they allow you to have power during an outage. While it’s definitely great to keep the lights on and appliances running, many don’t realize the serious savings that generators provide. While a backup generator is an investment to purchase and have installed, they also offer some significant cost savings for homeowners: Prevents flood damage to your home. If you’re one of the thousands of Mainers who depend on their sump pump to avoid water flooding in your basement or home, it’s important to keep that sump pump running all the…

6 BIG Benefits of Backup Power Generators

william 6th July 2022
When the power goes out in Maine, we all know the outage can last for days. In only a few hours, however, weather conditions can cause food to spoil, pipes to freeze and sump pumps to overflow. Very dangerous and costly circumstances can come from a power outage! A backup power generator can provide an alternative source of power for your home. Installed generators, often referred to as standby or whole-house generators, come on in seconds when your home loses power from the pole, so there is no interruption or inconvenience. Depending on the type and size of generator you…

Standby Generator to the Rescue!

william 7th July 2021
Power outages can be very disruptive on the best of days. In a worst-case scenario, they can cost you money, and can even be dangerous to your health. Sometimes, power outages are predictable, occurring during or following a major storm. Other times, they can happen out of the blue, such as when a transformer blows or someone hits a telephone pole. Either way, if you can be prepared for a power outage, you can get through it unscathed. 70% of Americans who experienced a power outage of just 12 hours or more faced unexpected expenses as a result. An hour…