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Sewer & Septic Line Clogs

Clearing of Sewer & Septic Line Clogs and Blockages

Over time, most homes experience buildup inside the drain pipes. Sometimes, deteriorating older pipes or damage from tree roots or construction can cause exterior main sewer lines to fail. If you have a compromised drain line, we have the technology and equipment to identify the problem. If it’s a clog, we can remove it and get your system working effectively again.

We Clear Clogs & Blockages Quickly and Effectively

Clogged drains can be a real nightmare for homeowners. From slow draining or fully clogged drains inside at your plumbing fixtures, to major blockages of main septic and sewer lines, we have the equipment to identify and address the issue.

There are different methods of clearing drains and pipes, depending on the circumstances:

Hydro (Water) Jetting

Hydro, or water jetting is a technique professional plumbers use to clear slow moving or clogged septic and sewer lines. It uses a machine with a powerful motor to push water at a high rate and a high speed, and forcibly clear whatever is clogging the line. Hydro jetting scours heavy buildup from sewer pipes quickly and easily. It breaks up clogs of any number of materials, from food residues to congealed baby wipes. Hydro jetting is basically a pressure washer for drains, and it doesn’t just break through clogs, it removes them.

Professional Equipment Gets the Job Done

Our professional-grade jetter uses 4000psi pounds of pressure at 18 gallons per minute for powerful and effective line clearing. Our equipment is very versatile, allowing us to jet lines of various sizes. We can clear drains as well as large main lines. We are able to access remote locations, commercial and industrial lines, and more.

Septic line clog

Line Cabling

Line cabling, or snaking as it is often referred, is the method of using cabling equipment with a cutting head to open a slow or clogged drain line. There are various cutting heads designed for different types and sizes of drain lines. The cable not only moves the cutting head through the drain, but snags debris that is clogging the line. The cutting head breaks through a clog or blockage to alleviate sewer and drain line stoppages.

If you have a plumbing or sewer line clog, please CONTACT US for fast, professional line clearing!