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Month: September 2023

Tips to Make Sure Your Heating System is Ready for Winter

william 12th September 2023
It won’t be long before there’s a chill in the air. Another Maine winter is around the corner, and cold temperatures mean your heating system will start working around the clock. You want to get the best performance out of your system, and you also want to make sure it’s running at top efficiency. All of this is accomplished by having your system maintained annually. For a nominal cost, you can save a lot in repairs and wasted fuel, and rest easy knowing your system is in good working condition. Follow these tips to make sure your heating system is…

5 of the Easiest Ways to Remove Toilet Bowl Stains

william 11th September 2023
Since you might say that we are in the “toilet business”, we get asked this question a lot. “What is the best way to remove toilet bowl stains?" housewife hand in green rubber glove hold brush, disinfect and washing toilet bowl in bathroom, cropped shot, housework concept Stains left in the toilet bowl from hard water and mineral deposits are unsightly and can be difficult to remove with typical toilet bowl cleaner and a brush. So what’s a person to do? There are products on the market shelves that state they are designed specifically to get rid of stains in…