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Category: Seasonal Homes

Let Us Winterize Your Seasonal Property

william 31st August 2022
If you need to close up your camp or cottage for winter – let us handle the important details! It’s hard to believe winter is on the doorstep, but frosty mornings will begin in as little as a month from now. If you’ve got a seasonal property in Southern or Central Maine and you need to shut it down for the winter – let 207 Plumbing & Heating take care of that for you! We can handle shutting down and draining the plumbing so you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes. We also take our shutdown services the extra…

Tips for Closing Up Your Cottage for the Year

william 8th September 2021
Summer days are over and that means it's time to start thinking about closing up your seasonal home for the winter. Other than the obvious tasks like cleaning out the fridge and putting away outdoor furniture, there are other maintenance items you should take care of before calling it a season and closing down your camp. Our top tips for shutting down your seasonal home: Determine if you want to do a full or partial shutdown.Make sure your cottage is crime proofGet your place ready for the harsh winter snow, wind and ice. Here are some things that should be…

Let Us Open Up Your Cottage or Camp for the Summer!

207HeatingAdmin 21st May 2020
If you have a summer cottage or camp, it’s time to open it up and prepare for another summer of beach days and firepit nights! Summer is arriving and opening your summer cottage is exciting! It can also be stressful and a lot of hard work. At 207 Plumbing & Heating, we provide seasonal second-home opening services so that when you arrive all your utilities are working properly and you can settle right in comfortably. Here’s what we do for you – so you don’t have to! Turn the water on We inspect all your plumbing for any visible signs…