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Clogged Drains – When to Use a Line Snake versus Hydro-Jetting

Plumbing issues, specifically main plumbing and sewer blockages, can be a major headache. The longer you let them go unchecked the worse the problem will get. The sooner you can get any clog or blockage removed, the better. You can be in for very costly repairs, or expose yourself and your family to contaminated water, if you ignore this type of problem.

Warning Signs of a Clog:

  • Multiple drains are backing up.
  • Drainage appears in sewer cleanout area.
  • There is water or sewage in a floor drain or on the floor.
  • Water backs up in the shower or when a toilet is flushed.

Call a licensed plumber immediately if you experience any of these warning signs!

Plumbers use a variety of tools to unclog drains, depending on the severity of the blockage.

Manual Drain Snake

A manual drain snake uses elbow grease to crank a long cable into the clogged drain area. Manual snakes have an end that looks somewhat like a corkscrew. The end is pushed through the opening of the nearest drain to the clog. Once the blockage is found, the drain snake cable is pushed and maneuvered until it breaks through the clog. Once the clog is broken up, the drain is flushed to clear the blockage.

Motorized Drain Snake

Operating on the same principle as the manual drain snake, motorized drain snakes are aided mechanically to make them a more powerful cleaning tool. They are often used on larger pipes and more stubborn blockages.


For really tough blockages, a hydro jet tool is ideal. A hydro jet sends pressurized water into the pipes to break down clogs and build-up. Hydro jets are typically faster and more efficient than a drain snake. Hydro jets can both remove tough clogs, but also effectively  clean out old buildup in drains. Because their powerful jetting gets rid of more residue in pipes, they are also great to prevent future clogs.

We Clear Clogs & Blockages Quickly and Effectively

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At 207 Plumbing & Heating, we have the expertise and equipment to take care of clogged drains and major blockages. We use both drain snakes and hydro jetting to clear clogs and blockages, depending on the severity and location of the problem.

Our sewer and plumbing inspection camera allows us to identify the location of blockages accurately so repairs can be made quickly and safely.