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Category: Air Conditioning

Do Heat Pumps Make Sense in Maine?

william 24th January 2022
Heat pumps fall into the “new” technology category in Maine, but the technology originated more than 150 years. They have been providing ultra-efficient heating and cooling in the US for more than 60 years.   According to Efficiency Maine, tens of thousands of heat pumps have been installed in homes and businesses across Maine. They are the most popular heating system choice across all of Efficiency Maine's rebates. While a secondary heating source is recommended, heat pumps operate well down to -22°F outdoor temperature. This makes them realistic as a primary heating source even in Maine. Save up to 50%…

Heat Pump vs. Traditional System? What’s the Best Way to Heat Your Home?

207HeatingAdmin 18th August 2020
Heat pumps and traditional heating systems both heat your home – but in very different ways. As much as 1/2 the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. A professionally installed heat pump can cut your energy consumption by as much as 40% AND keep you comfortable all year with both heating and cooling features. A heat pump is the most efficient heating machine on the market. For every dollar of electricity you put into a heat pump, you get back $2 to $4 of heat value. That's energy efficiency! Plus, a heat pump also acts as a central air conditioner in summer, giving you…

Ways to Save on Air Conditioning Costs this Summer

207HeatingAdmin 4th August 2019
It sure took its sweet time getting here, but summer has come on full strength over the last month or so. Many of us have been turning to our A/C units to make our living and working environments more comfortable. Are you dreading the electricity bill sure to follow these hot months of summer? Here are some easy, low or no cost tips to help you save energy and still stay cool. Use Fans Running fans to keep air moving can make a room feel several degrees cooler just by the wind-chill effect. Fans make an area feel much more…