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8 Home Heating Mistakes that Spike Your Bill

Worrying about energy efficiency and expensive heating bills? There are actually things homeowners do every day that waste heat and cause costs to go up. Make the most of your spending for heat this winter by avoiding these eight common home heating mistakes:

Allowing Cold Air In

Most homeowners don’t realize how much heat they may be losing out air leaks and drafty openings. Take some time to go around and check all your doors, windows, exhaust openings and exterior walls for drafts. Don’t forget the basement and attic as well. Unheated and unfinished areas are the worst culprits. Seal, caulk and weatherstrip any areas where cold air is coming in. Sealing air leaks can cut energy costs by 10-20% so it’s a very worthwhile improvement!

Not Locking Windows

Naturally, we keep our windows closed in the winter, but did you remember to lock them? If your windows are not locked they are likely not sealed tightly. Cold air will infiltrate your home and that expensive warm air will leak out. Go around your house and make sure all the windows are locked tight.

Cranking Up the Furnace

Your home really won’t heat up any faster by cranking the thermostat way up. Turning your thermostat up high has no effect on how fast your home will heat up. Your furnace will only end up working harder and longer which will only crank up your utility bill.

Not Changing Air Filters

We can’t say this enough – change your furnace filters! And change them monthly during the heating season. When a filter is dirty, your furnace has to work harder. Working harder means using more energy. Not only does this tax your unit unnecessarily, but it will cost you more in fuel. Make sure to change out the air filter on a regular basis and your system will work more efficiently = more economically.

Closing Air Vents in Unused Rooms

This is a biggie. So many people believe the myth that closing off vents will save money. Actually, the opposite is true. Your heating system is sized for the size of your house. When you shut down air flow to certain areas it restricts the unit, disrupting the balance. Your system won’t work as efficiently which translates to higher energy costs.

Using Your Fireplace for Supplemental Heat

We all love the charm and ambiance that a lit fireplace provides. Unfortunately, more than provide heat, that fireplace is drawing heated air from your house right out the chimney. Also, make sure that the draft and damper are tightly closed when not in use. Chimneys are notorious for sucking heat out of the house, making your heating system work more not less.

Leaving Exhaust Fans Running

Exhaust fans are very important for removing excess moisture from the bathroom and smelly fumes from the kitchen. As soon as you are finished using them, be sure to turn them off. Forgotten exhaust fans will be pulling warm air out of your house, causing the boiler to work longer and harder.

Not Servicing Your System Regularly

Just like your car, your heating system needs regular maintenance to keep it working in top condition. A well-maintained system will run more efficiently, keeping energy costs down. It will also extend the lifespan of your system and catch issues before they become big, expensive issues.

207 Plumbing & Heating is here for all your heating system service and repair needs. It’s never a bad time to have it checked and cleaned if its been a while. Contact us for help making your system as efficient and cost-effective as possible.