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Category: Heating System Questions

8 Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair or Replacement

207HeatingAdmin 23rd February 2021
No matter the type of heating system you have – furnace, boiler or heat pump – you always want to be sure it is running properly. This system keep your home comfortable, and your family safe. Our systems are essential to preventing burst pipes and damaged plumbing, and keeping the indoor air quality of our living spaces healthy. A poorly running system can raise energy bills considerably, and puts you and your family at risk for dangerous hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. It is crucial to arrange a professional inspection of your heating system annually, but also…

Heating Tips for Surviving a Maine Winter

207HeatingAdmin 24th November 2020
Each winter, Mainers struggle to keep warm without spending a fortune. To help, we thought we’d share some of our best home heating tips. Block Out Cold Air One of the best uses of your weekend chore time is to spend it sealing up air leaks and drafts. Heat loss due to cracks and gaps in building materials (including your windows and doors) accounts for significant heat loss. That can add up to major energy expenses! Depending on the age of your house, quality of your windows and storms, and how much air loss is occurring in your home, you…

10 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Systems

207HeatingAdmin 16th October 2020
We all want a heating system that leaves our home feeling just right. Too hot and you’re cracking the windows in winter. Too cold and you’re adding layers and covering up with  blankets. We get a lot of questions about heating systems and why they do what they do. How can you make your system more energy efficient? How often should you do maintenance? What about air filtration for better indoor air quality? Here we address some of the most common heating system questions we get: 1 - How can my heating system operate more efficiently and save me some…